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Tenant Qualification

 -We Are An Equal Opportunity Housing Provider, and Follow All Fair Housing Laws

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  •   Copy of a current-  drivers license, ID card, or passport
  •   Anyone over 18 years of age fills out an application
  •   700 credit score, or higher to qualify for our properties, no past due debt in collections on a credit report
  •   3 months income statements for each applicant, we do not accept co signers
  •   No previous eviction, no criminal records, or, bankruptcy
  •   3 times the rent in monthly gross income
  •   Two year history of current verifiable employment, and rental history
  •    If self employed, retired, or otherwise unemployed, income must be verified through tax returns, bank statements, and, or, other documentation
  •   All applications are screened through APPFOLIO, an extensive, professional screening service for credit, criminal, and any prior evictions
  •   Application fees are $ 40 per person and they are non refundable
  •   We run all credit reports, we do not accept credit reports from applicants, all documents and fees must be provided before application is processed
  •   Upon approval applicant must provide immediate security deposit in guaranteed funds securing property to remove listing from the rental market
  •   Renters Insurance is mandatory with $100,000 personal liability coverage, proof is required during tenancy
  •   Any false information, or fraudulent documentation presented from any applicant will result in immediate denial of the application, followed by a police report